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Co-author of the texts, author and composer of the songs

For more than 15 years, Sonia Grimm has been creating musicals and shows for young audiences and families, and has organized tours in Switzerland involving hundreds of children. 

Official website of the artist:

Sonia has written, composed and performed more than 100 songs for young people, and written more than 30 shows whose messages and values have touched the hearts of thousands of families. She founded and directed several music, dance and singing schools and created the staging and choreography of the shows. 

After 10 years of touring, Sonia Grimm parted ways with her producer and continued to develop her career with her own production company. In 2018, her ex-husband was convicted of rape and she chose to speak publicly. She writes and publishes "Unsubmissive - Autopsy of a destructive love" which quickly becomes a Bestseller - denouncing more than 10 years of psychological violence. She then founded the Association "Parle-moi" (Talk to me) and thus became the spokesperson for victims of violence and harassment in French-speaking Switzerland. 

In 2018, she was voted "favorite personality of French-speaking people".

Sonia Grimm has always defended the cause of victims without demonizing men, seeking to understand what drives victims like her to submit to the point of suffering violence. It collaborates with Amnesty Switzerland to integrate the notion of “consent”.

In 2019, she met Steve Alban Tineo who introduced her to the KYF-Know Yourself First methodology. Then begins an inner quest that leads him to question his beliefs and rebuild himself. She thus discovers a path to self-love, a space of inner peace that they choose to transmit to as many people as possible by writing together "Par le MOI" (Ed. WuWei Inspiration) in 2021 - to be published in English in 2022 "Through the SELF" - and by creating bullying and violence awareness shows declined for all ages, this in order to inspire the victims to find the necessary love and self-esteem and to make everyone aware of their own toxic behaviors.

Since 2019, Sonia Grimm has been putting her relational and mediation skills into practice by collaborating with Assertive Group (, convinced that there is a positive and ethical resolution possible in every situation.

She is also a coach in Mindfulness, as well as a practitioner of Reiki Usui and in Applied Neurosciences.

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Steve Alban TINEO

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Co-author of the texts, founder of the methodology

KYF - Know Yourself First

As Director of Assertive Group SA, Steve Alban Tineo travels the world to solve complex situations before they turn into disputes and/or conflicts, 

and to negotiate international conflicts, as well as to negotiate international contracts.


For more than 20 years in the field, he has acted as an advisor, manager and trusted negotiator for many celebrities and some of the most prominent leaders in the fields of sports and media, banking and finance, and diplomacy. 


Steve Alban has frequently operated "undercover" as a member of various crisis and conflict management and negotiation teams on numerous international emergency missions. He is one of Europe's most skilled and experienced negotiators, conducting hundreds of missions/negotiations each year with governments, corporations, organizations, lobby groups and individuals in many parts of the world.


As a coach and speaker, he has been running the "KYF - Know yourself first, how to negotiate with yourself" coaching program for over 10 years, dramatically improving the strength and mental acuity, as well as the reactive effectiveness of many personalities, C-Levels, executives, VIPs and sports & media personalities as well as victims suffering from emotional wounds. 


He holds several certifications and Masters programs in negotiation, mediation, conflict and crisis management, as well as in leadership, influence & persuasion and in finance. He is a member of the Harvard PON (Program on Negotiation), is certified with the CSFB Global Financial Analyst Award, holds the Swiss Stock Exchange License and has been awarded the Swiss Federal Banking Certificate with honors.

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