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Youth conferences
Languages: French - English

We work in public and private schools, for associations or public communities, adapting our message to the context and the age of the children.

From primary-elementary level.

School bullying and violence prevention conference

Sonia GRIMM or duo conference - Sonia GRIMM & Steve Alban TINEO

- What is bullying/violence and where does it start?

- What is manipulation? Self-esteem ? Fear? 

​- How to manage a disagreement so that it does not become a conflict?

- What is an emotion and how to learn to express it FOR oneself and not AGAINST the other  ?

- How to know what is acceptable and what is not?

- What is the impact of violence on health and well-being?

- What should I do if I experience violence or bullying and how can I rebuild my self-confidence  ?

There are not "bad guys" and "good guys" - there are human beings who respond differently to their suffering - either by submitting or by seeking to belittle, hurt and/or intimidate others.

This conference, followed by a moment of open discussion with the children and teenagers and answers to questions, allows children to BECOME AWARE of what they are going through and of the impact of their own behaviour.

And gives them keys on how to react and protect themselves.

Youth conferences are conducted with gentleness and empathy. They can be accompanied by live songs illustrating the topics covered. This increases the impact by touching the children in an emotional way and allows us to share a pleasant moment with them while talking about important topics.

Understanding that a professional singer who was very well known in her country, who was successful and famous was, at the same time, a victim of violence, shows them that there is no shame in being a victim, and that a victim can also be a strong and successful person.

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