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Languages: French - English

We operate within the framework of:

- conferences

- sung lectures (with songs)

-  workshops

- personal coaching

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Sonia GRIMM  


Steve Alban TINEO

Founder of the methodology

KYF - Know Yourself First

How to Recover After Being Abused

Duo conference Sonia GRIMM & Steve Alban TINEO

Accessing Consciousness - Through the Self

- How to rediscover yourself?

- How to develop your intuition and your self-esteem?

- What is a vibration? A thought ? A belief and a conditioning ?

- Present moment and transformation of suffering

- Disidentification of the ego

Combining theory, testimony and practical advice, we show all victims that there is a way to rebuild themselves, so as not to repeat the same patterns.

We explain the path of return to oneself, allowing us to learn to manage our emotions, to overcome our limiting beliefs, our fears, our anger and our wounds. An inspired and inspiring conference.


What is psychological violence, how to get out of it and rebuild

Sonia GRIMM explains the path traveled from meeting the man who will be her future "executioner", to the conviction for rape of the man she loved, and her reconstruction through the awareness of her own responsibility of her choices and to herself.

An inspiring testimony conference that gives hope to victims.


Women and/or children Empowerment


How to strengthen-rebuild self-esteem in order to create a solid and autonomous life, gain confidence in oneself and in one's own abilities. Learn to overcome prejudices, negative cognitive biases and limiting beliefs in order to develop and thrive.


“KYF – The Self” – Who am I? How do I work?

Steve Alban TINEO

Module 1: What is the path of Self-discovery? 

How to generate a new Life, new ideas, new opportunities, new businesses and new customers, by discovering oneself and personally taming oneself, in order to develop a new knowledge of our own behaviors. 


“KYF – The Inter Self” – Emotional Intelligence, Feelings, EGO, BEING

Steve Alban TINEO

Module 2: Knowing yourself to increase the main parameters of the SELF.

Our unmanaged thoughts & emotions limit us and often push us to make inefficient choices. Understanding where thoughts come from, how to recognize them, what creates emotions and how to learn to express them, will allows us to have a more objective view of events. 


Learn to manage fears, phobias and develop self-confidence

Steve Alban TINEO

Learn to manage fears, phobias and develop self-confidence

- What are fears ? How to transform them?

- How can we develop self-confidence (putting doubts into question) ?

- What is the judgment of others? Stop judging and judging yourself, no longer -fearing the judgment of others.

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