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“When I say 'yes' to you on August 26, 2010, tears of joy run down my cheeks. Finally I marry the man of my life!

I tell myself that it's good this time, that we're going to be happy and be able to grow old together. I love you so !

I never would have imagined that this would lead me to touch death like this with my fingertips. Yet there were signs and I should have been more wary of hurtful words. Wanting too much to please you and make you happy, I put my identity aside.


Little by little, you tried to take power by means of hidden threats and repeated devaluations. Until you make me your puppet. Where can I find the strength to escape from this prison without bars that sees me slowly dying? We are prepared for happiness, but we are never prepared to experience despair and violence. »

"Rebellious - Autopsy of a destructive love"

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