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KYF-Know Yourself First

KYF is a methodology developed by Steve Alban Tineo during more than 20 years of field work. In consultation with doctors, psychologists, and other experts, they have analyzed and tested several methodologies in both academic and operational settings. These methodologies included a wide range of philosophies as well as programs on personal development, emotional expression, mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution. They have been applied in his work with numerous high-level athletes, senior executives and diplomats, and tested against varying personalities, behaviors, levels of toxicity and dysfunction in a wide range of complex and high-stakes assignments around the world. 

Over the years, Steve Alban and his team have worked with dozens of high-level athletes, senior executives and diplomats and have interacted with many types of personalities and behaviors, mainly of varying degrees of toxicity and dysfunction in a wide range of complex and high-stakes assignments around the world. 

KYF is a personal toolbox developed based on the observation that each person has uniquely different and identifiable profiles and personalities. By understanding one's own personality, as well as that of the person with whom one is dealing with, it is possible to establish links and create constructive and lasting interactions. It is then possible to find the most appropriate toolbox for each different type of profile. 


Part of the KYF methodology is to always ask "the right questions" to discover the "emotional and personal concerns" of each party. Once these concerns have been managed, this allows the development of "tangible, rational and constructive solutions" in the long term, proposing agreements that often no one had thought of. 


The KYF methodology is also one of the ways to apply an ancestral wisdom that has been passed down in many cultures since time immemorial. The methodology simply shows "where" and "how" to draw from within oneself to undertake this process.


"KYF-Know Yourself First" allows us to learn to decode our own behavior, to understand the functioning of our mind, to better know ourselves, and to better understand others. It allows us to examine and end our suffering, modify our beliefs, overcome our fear, and live in peace. It allows us to become more efficient and effective. It also allows us to put an end to our suffering and to our belief system that limits us, to find a way to live in peace, without fears and without suffering. To become more efficient and effective. 

KYF methodology adapted

for the support of victims of violence,

hypersensitive or overefficient people, and anyone experiencing psychological suffering.

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We have tried everything.

We tried to find that other one, which will make us happy.

We tried to give, to give love, our time, our smiles, our knowledge, our money, to give, to save, to feel loved, to feel happy. And we gave to some, then to others and to others again, changing only the outside.

And we tried, tried again to find happiness.

In vain.

Then, faced with our failure, we stopped looking. To keep only the essential: 

Total respect for Life in all things, which begins with complete respect for oneself.

Sonia GRIMM & Steve Alban TINEO - By the ME

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